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Rozmovliaimo is a textbook geared toward 1 to 2 years of college-level Ukrainian language instruction. Published in 2005 by Slavica Publishers at the University of Indiana, Rozmovliaimo won the AATSEEL Book Prize for Best Contribution to Language Pedagogy in 2007. (Citation from AATSEEL here.) 

In-depth information about the book is here at Slavica Publishers

Rozmovliaimo currently is in use in a number of American and Canadian universities, as well as at least two major universities in Ukraine, where it is used in Ukrainian-for-foreign-learners programs.

Audio Files (see the links above or below): The book originally appeared without audio support. Though it took a while, we have created a set of files for use by students of the book. The files currently are of uneven quality—I was an amateur at sound work at the beginning of this!—but much work was done by Ted Liu and a team of technicians at UCLA (many thanks, Ted!) and I will continue to level out the volumes and try to make the files clearer as time permits.

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